• Turkish Airlines is in Good Hands

    Bekard Catering which has become a brand at serving and catering carries on making overwhelming impressions in the dining hall of Turkish Airlines.


    In all of the corporations with healthy, nutritious and delicious menus and with preparation, distribution and after-sale services, Bekard creates a unique sense of pleasure of food for your personals.

About Bekard

Bekard has started its services with the appellation ‘Günaydın Kardeşler’ in the sector of catering in 1996. Our company which has straightened its position with the improvements on the quality of services, is able to provide services regarding cooking, distribution, and after-sales services to prominent institutions and organizations successfully due to its investments.

Bekard provides a great deal of pleasure with healthy, nutritious, and delicious menus for the people who are trying to keep up with their intense working schedule.

In addition to its services at hospitals, schools, factories, bureaus and worksites, Bekard also carries on its services in this sector successfully with special occasions and various activities.

Our food and product quality which gathers the unique tastes of world cuisine together, represents the subtleties of perception of international cookery from production to representation.

With its capacity, certifications of quality and laboratory analyses, Bekard maintains its high standard servicing understanding, practicing and customer satisfaction with the principle of ‘’without sacrificing quality’’.


Human Resources

Bekard is a team consisted of professional people who are dynamic, open-minded and concerned about their work and customers and whose communication skills are developed. If you have experience in retail industry it will be an advantage for you. Even though you do not have any experience in this industry, it will be still appreciating for us to see you in our team if you think you are detail-oriented, if you have the capacity to think and work analytical and have concerns about customer satisfaction.

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